Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hey readers!

Do you love quilts or at least love looking at quilts?  Cool!  Me too.  I started sewing a long time ago, but was always overwhelmed by the idea of quilting.  My perception was colored by the image of 10 amish women gathered around quilt-stretcher, stitching everything by hand.  Romantic, but totally terrifying.  That is, until one cold winter night when I was feeling irritated with an ugly green poly-fleece blanket and decided to fire up the sewing machine and make myself something of higher quality.  Hence, my very first quilt was born.  And my obsession was born.
I started an etsy store in early September to sell my quilts and the sales have just started to roll in.  Some of the items are right over there in my sidebar ------->

I have two main areas of inspiration: American Arts and Crafts and Mid-Century Modern.  I try to integrate both aesthetics into my work.  Mid-Century is fairly easy given the current fabrics that are available/popular.  Arts and Crafts is more of a challenge for quilting - since the architects, designers etc. from that era would've preferred a tapestry or a whole cloth textile over a quilt.  I'm brainstorming ways to overcome that obstacle, so look for some cool experiments in fabric dyeing and printing as soon as I get a chance!

I do other creative stuff in addition to quilting, so I will post about those things from time to time as well.  I plan to post pictures of my current projects, ideas, and challenges.  I'm also looking to make friends and build community amongst Toledo area artsy-crafters.  Send me a note if you're one of them!

I hope you'll stick around and watch this blog grow.  I'll be posting about my current commissioned work, featuring some GORGEOUS Japanese fabric, later today.

Here's a picture of me turning a corner on quilt binding... not really the most opportune time for a picture, but it's pretty cute: 

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Anonymous said...

Megan I did not know you were a quilter. I don't know if you remember me. Your Mom and I taught together at Stryker. I love to quilt also. We have the same sewing machine. Do you do long arm quilting? I look forward to watching your progress. Mary Flickinger
I don't see a word in the visual verification box.ooops now I do!