Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A real beauty... in the here and gone snow

As I mentioned in my last post, I am trying to get a little bit more cohesive with my work.  I love pink, but there's a lot of it out there, so I'm starting to work with other color/fabric combinations that delight me.  Check out this ultra-hip quilt made with glorious Echino fabric by Etsuko Furuya (drool over  more of her fabrics HERE, then buy them from a independent seller on Etsy!).

I took advantage of the ONE snowy day we've had this winter and did some decent outdoor photography.  Goal for 2012: get better at taking photos.

In an effort to do something that isn't quite straight line quilting and isn't really stippling, I decided to pull the fabric back and forth under the needle while the machine was set to straight line.  I am happy with the result, and will probably use it on many future projects.  Here's what it looks like close up:

This bad boy is for sale in my shop.  I'm hoping someone will love it and invite it to come live with them!

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Paula said...

Super nice quilt. The colors are great, and NO pink!