Friday, December 2, 2011

Echo Quilt: Letting the Fabric Talk!

Some fabrics are best left to speak for themselves.  While it's a fun challenge to do an ultra complicated quilt, just sewing together some strips can be more effective.  Lotta Jansdotter's Echo collection (available here) is a distinctly Scandinavian collection that, in my opinion, shouldn't be sliced into too small of pieces.  Instead, I sliced mine into strips of varying widths and sewed them together into this simple lap quilt:

This was a relaxing project, and  I love the result.  The layers are stippled together and then bound in navy fabric, with a little strip of one of the aqua prints.  I could see this fabric collection becoming the basis of an entire bedroom set --- curtains, pillows, bedskirt etc. etc. with some Ikea furniture.  Alas, I am in no mood to repaint a room, so the quilt will be available in my etsy store.

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Lucinda said...

I agree with you... this fabric doesn't need to be part of anything complicated. It is wonderful as is. You did a great job. I saw some of this fabric at Sonflower Quilts in Sylvania - they had some with an orange colorway too. Great work!