Monday, October 31, 2011

Some pieces in their "forever homes"

Fortunately, the first few days of my trip to California have coincided with a [brief] lag in my custom quilt orders.  I'm going to be starting back up in a few days, and some photos from recent customers have provided some inspiration.  Here we go...

First of all, how great does this quilt look on the Case Study Bed from HiveModern?  The soft, handmade appearance contrasts so well with the angular bed frame.  And kitties, I find, are the ultimate quilt accessory.

Next, you'll remember this one from my previous post.  The customer, Julia, sent me a great suggested layout for the quilt back, and it turned out to be nearly as nice as the front.  Toddlers and quilts are a good combination too.  What a cute kid.  I hope he loves his new bed!

And finally, since I'm on my way up to Cambria to visit my aunt, here is the lovely quilt I made for her a few months ago.  The colors and fabrics are pretty cool... kind of Gauguin-esque.  I'll be offering this pattern as yet another queen size custom offering on my etsy store as soon as I have a moment to write up a description.  Again... cats and quilts:

Happy Halloween, folks!  Stay warm!

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