Monday, October 10, 2011

A finished product

Working on this piece  has been a pleasure, and I'll be a little bit sad to see it leave for its new home in California.  I know it will be loved.

Here's the best of my early afternoon photoshoot in the beautiful Agnes Reynolds Jackson Arboretum in The Old West End.  I am so lucky to live here, and I definitely need to do more outdoor photography for my quilts.  Oh, and if you're concerned about the picture in the top left, I assure you that I didn't just plop the quilt in some dirt... there's a layer of plastic tucked carefully underneath!

Now on  to my next commissioned project!  The same pattern, but in a blue/grey/brown palette for a little boy.  More on that soon.

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doris/minimodernistas said...

WOW! I love it and cannot wait to see it on my soon to arrive Case Study Bed. Thanks so very much for your wonderful artistry...More fabric soon, to be sure. I would love another beauty.